Wastelands Radio Show - Episode 04 – Formative music flicks part 2 – Adam 085c3n3’s TOP 5 - 20 Sept 2019

In this episode Adam and Mark discuss Adam’s top five music related movies that made a lasting impact on him when growing up in regional Victoria in the 70s and 80s and Queensland in the 90s. Featuring a conversation focusing on his formative viewing habits and reviews on Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Kiss meets the Phantom (1978), RepoMan (1985), Return of the Living Dead (1987) and the Great Rock n Roll Swindle (1980).

Rocky Horror Picture Show - https://youtu.be/LnYBwampG8U
Kiss meets the Phantom – https://youtu.be/uNZQpWvQYOQ
RepoMan – https://youtu.be/NK8ETgSLRpA
Return of the Living Dead - https://youtu.be/KeSAFGWzft8
Great Rock n Roll Swindle - https://youtu.be/pSPbJhsaKEE

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