Wastelands Radio Show - Episode 19 – Survival Tips for the Wastelands - part two

Wastelands Radio Show - Episode 18 – Survival Tips for the Wastelands - part two
WASTELANDS - An Australian B-grade, Punk Rock, Street Trash online radio show Hosted by long time partners in slime Adam (085c3n3) Obscene and Mark-O -Mark, pondering punk oddities, trashy treasures, street levelness, life, culture and stuff.

In this quick episode, Adam and Mark reflect on the global pandemic shutdown and bring you part two of survival in the apocalypse. 

Based on their many years of post-apocalyptic viewing they draw on their pop culture doomsday knowledge and share some hints and tips on things you should do and not to do in the coming end of days.

This time round they ponder should you stay or should you go and weapons of choice in the wastelands.

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