Wastelands Radio Show - Episode 21 – House of Troma - Tromeo and Juliet

WASTELANDS - An Australian B-grade, Punk Rock, Street Trash online radio show Hosted by long time partners in slime Adam (085c3n3) Obscene and Mark-O -Mark, pondering punk oddities, trashy treasures, street levelness, life, culture and stuff.

In this episode Adam and Mark visit the seedy underground of Manhattan courtesy of the masters of schlock TROMA. In this masterful modern day adaption of Shakespeare’s well-loved classic Romeo and Juliet. Troma presents Tromeo and Juliet with all the body-piercing, kinky sex, and car crashes that Shakespeare wanted but never had! Join Adam, Mark, Tromeo, Juliet, and Lemmy of Motorhead as they search for climactic love, violence, and the American Way. This movie is truly unique. It really captures the spirit of the play. Like with most Troma flicks, it’s totally self aware, in your face, features taboo subjects, revels in gore and sex. There are some hilarious jokes in the credits (best credits I've seen since Hot Shots) loads of Troma in jokes as well as general satire and Shakespeare refs.There is some half decent acting, Lemmy from the house of Motorhead narration, stars the legendary Tromette Debbie Rochon and a Shakespeare plot, it is Troma at its best. Though its not the sort of film you'd watch with your mum, and will offend most people. For anybody bored with run of the mill cinema, with a wacky sense of humour you MUST SEE THIS FILM.
Tromeo and Juliet is also notable for its soundtrack, composed of alternative rock, pop punk and heavy metal music, which helped get the film some recognition on MTV. Most bands were willing to contribute their tracks for little to no money out of respect for Troma. In return for their song "Mr. Superlove", The Ass Ponys' lead singer requested only a check from the company for $9.95, for the purpose of framing it on his wall.The CD soundtrack was released on Oglio Records on May 6, 1997 and included the following tracks:"Sacrifice" by Motörhead and other artists including: The Meatmen, Superchunk, Supernova & Sublime.

  • James Gunn writer Guardians of the Galaxy was paid $150 for the screenplay.
  • The footage of the car flipping over is recycled for many Troma films including Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1990), Terror Firmer (1999), and Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000).
  • Debbie Rochon has starred in over 250 movies from 1982 to 2020
  • Posters for various other Troma films are visible throughout both households.
  • Despite many claims, the film is not entirely in iambic pentameter. a line of verse with five metrical feet, each consisting of one short (or unstressed) syllable followed by one long (or stressed) syllable, for example Two households, both alike in dignity.
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